2 Wrangler Unlimited ZOMBIE JK Hand Team Vinyl Sticker Decal

2 Wrangler Unlimited ZOMBIE JK Hand Team Vinyl Sticker Decal




specifications and description:

size: 2x -Wrangler (10" wide); 2x -Unlimited (7" wide); 2x - JK Hand (5" wide);
quantity: 1set of 6 decals
default color: BLACK
material:High quality Avery vinyl; 7 years warranty
Others: Waterproof, Removable


The inscriptions and drawings on the surface of your supercar are something obsolete and irrelevant, but we figured out a way to refresh the appearance of such accessories and introduce a little creativity into it. A custom car sticker is something completely new and unusual that clearly requires your attention. What you need to know is a lot of different options, functions, and features that together make a great overall vinyl decal sticker and can give you a great experience after using such a device for your car. 

2 Wrangler Unlimited Vinyl Sticker ZOMBIE Team Decal is another update on the shelves of our marketplace, which is worth both your attention and your money. We strongly recommend the purchase of such a product because we can be sure that you will not regret buying such a product. Here and now we would like to strongly recommend the purchase of such a product, as our devices for your car at the most affordable price and, moreover, advantageous for you!

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