One Steering Wheel Daytona Yellow emblem domed decal Challenger Charger


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4.9 97
Please advise your car Make/Model/Year:
Kit consist of : 1 decal
Material : Avery vinyl + 3D Gel
Default size : custom
Quantity: 1 decal;

First layer High quality Avery vinyl; Second layer 3D Gel (Polyurethane Resin) 
Decal is waterproof and UV resistant.

Is it, or is it time for you to change your life? If you agree with us, then you have to make your choice in favor of custom car stickers. They are known throughout the world for their high quality, which never fails a single user. There is also a waterproof feature that can please everyone, especially the motorist. 

Every motorist would like to have such vinyl decal stickers in their possession because at least the water-resistance gives a huge advantage in use. Thanks to this you can drive under all weather conditions in almost any part of the world without worrying about anything. So if you really want to buy something really good, you can immediately order the One Steering Wheel Daytona Yellow emblem domed decal Charger. In our marketplace you will not find any damaged or substandard goods, we have all the best accessories for cars! We wish you pleasant shopping at our online store.

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