One Steering Wheel Scat Pack Carbon Fiber emblem domed decal 2 Scatpack


4.9 97
Kit consist of : 1 decal
Material : Avery vinyl + 3D Gel
Default size : custom
Quantity: 1 decal;

First layer High quality Avery vinyl; Second layer 3D Gel (Polyurethane Resin) 
Decal is waterproof and UV resistant.

Returning to the theme of accessories for four-wheeled transport, it is necessary to pay special attention to the kind of jewelry called custom car stickers. They clearly have a variety of positive and necessary characteristics and qualities that you will like and can even get your attention. We are sure that we create only high-quality products, and it cannot be otherwise. 

But what we are really proud of is the long-awaited One Steering Wheel Scat Carbon Fiberl 2 Pack Scatpack. Here it is worth drawing your attention to almost absolutely everything, as it is one solid alternative to any sticker. Naturally, high quality, water resistance, smoothness, ideality, profitable price, and many others that as a result give a long term of vinyl decal stickers use, incidentally, more than five years doomed to success and your tranquility. So you should hurry to pick up such a gorgeous custom car sticker here and now.

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