Three Color German FLAG Stripe Hood Decal BMW Motorsport M3 M5 M


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Manufacturer : BMW

specifications and description:

size: 8 inch wide (2.7 each stripe) x ~24 inch tall (17.5cm x 61cm);
quantity: 1set of 3 stripes (BLACK, RED and YELLOW)
default color: 1 set of BLACK, RED and YELLOW stripes
material: High-quality Avery vinyl;
Others: Waterproof, Removable


Turn your BMW into a true symbol of German power with our three-color German-style hood sticker inspired by the German flag. This set of hood side stickers is one set of three stripes painted in black, red and yellow - symbols of pride and national identity of Germany.
The size of the hood sticker is 8 inches wide (2.7 inches per lane) and approximately 24 inches high (17.5 x 61 cm), which allows it to fit perfectly to the shape of your hood, providing an attractive and stylish appearance for your car.
Our stickers are waterproof, UV protected and removable, which allows you to safely and easily remove them without damaging the body of your BMW. Thus, you can easily change the appearance of your car depending on the mood or the surrounding style.
Highlight your BMW's connection to its German heritage and add a little exclusivity with our three-color hood sticker. Create a memorable image of your car that will attract admiring glances on the road!


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