Scat Pack splash decals for Dodge Challenger or Charger Side Vinyl Decals Stickers


4.9 97
Vinyl Finish:
Manufacturer : Dodge
Kit consist of : left and right sides
Default size : like on a picture

specifications and description:

size: fits to dodge challenger

Others: Waterproof, Removable

Decal comes with application tape on it for easy installation.

When you have a choice of one or two items for your Dodge four-wheeled transport car among a huge variety of other accessories measured in thousands of units, the shopping process becomes much more complicated. In order to choose what you will definitely like, you should pay enormous attention to the characteristics that are present in a custom car sticker. That is why here and now we will give you a detailed description of the new product in our marketplace, this is Scat Pack for Charger Side or Dodge Challenger. 

It has everything you’ll ever need. For example, there is a high-quality product that no one can do without, as well as vinyl decal stickers and water resistance, which also plays a really significant role when bad weather conditions outside. Also here you can find minimalism, uniqueness, and versatility, an easy option of switching from one product to another, and many other qualities that are considered to be the first in any product like ours. So don’t lose your chance, and just buy the best products from us now!




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